• HMS-Queen-Elizabeth

The Royal Navy’s most powerful warship ever built is set to arrive at our shores

Earlier today, the Defence Secretary confirmed that the new £3bn aircraft carrier will sail into Portsmouth within weeks. The HMS Queen Elizabeth will arrive at its new home after leaving Rosyth dockyard to undergo extensive sea trials in June.

Sir Michael Fallon said “In just two weeks’ time, the most powerful warship ever built for Britain’s famous Royal Navy is set to sail into her proud new home in Portsmouth,”

“HMS Queen Elizabeth will be the Royal Navy’s flagship for the next 50 years, keeping us safe by deploying across the seven seas, using her strike power to deter our enemies.”

The HMS Queen Elizabeth will be the most powerfull warship the Royal Navy has ever had and boasts some impressive stats:

  • Weight: 65,000-tonnes
  • Taller than Nelson’s Column
  • Wider than the M25
  • Generates enough energy to power Swindon



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