Autocatcher for Pokémon Go: Go-Tcha Wristband from Codejunkies – REVIEW

The “Go-Tcha” is Codejunkies version of the official Pokemon Go Plus released by Nintendo. Essentially it’s the same thing but with the button held down, meaning you can auto-catch Pokemon and auto spin Pokestops without having to interact with the device which is one step further than the Go Plus not having to touch your phone. So yes, this can make the Pokegrind a hell of a lot easier as you can catch Pokemon, collect Pokeballs, eggs, potions and other items all in the background without really having to play the game. Is that enough to make you buy on over the Official device or does it ruin the experience of actually playing the game? Well, we got one to test and compare to the original Pokemon Go Plus.

Let’s Start with some pros and cons


  • Auto attempt Pokemon catches

  • Auto spins Pokestops

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Comes with a wristband

  • Subtle aesthetics


  • Unique charger (not micro USB)

  • Not an official device

  • No future compatibility guarantee

  • Wristband is still a bit “childish”

  • Screen/Menus can be hard to read

Now let’s go through some of those points…

Auto attempt Pokemon catches

With the official Pokemon Go Plus, the device will light up and vibrate when a Pokemon appears in the game you then have to press the button to attempt to catch it. When this happens you get 1 attempt at catching the Pokemon (When I say YOU get 1 attempt I mean THE GAME will take 1 attempt for you) if this fails the Pokemon will flee never to be seen again. If you’re successful a notification pops up on your screen and when you unlock your phone and navigate to your Pokemon screen you will see your new Pokemon waiting for you. This auto-catch attempt will only use standard Pokeballs not Great or Ultraballs.

With the Go-Tcha, you have the option to use the device exactly the same way, pressing the button every time you want to attempt the 1 Pokeball catch, or you can switch to Auto-catch mode. With this on you will no longer have to press the button each time. As soon as a Pokemon is detected the game will attempt to catch the Pokemon with one Pokeball. This is great for if you’re at work, driving or anywhere where you can’t interact with the device or your phone but want to be catching Pokemon in the background. I foun that i used it

Auto spins Pokestops

Much like the auto catch, this works exactly like the Pokemon Go Plus but without you having to press the button for each Pokestop spin. This works great when you are sitting by a stop for a long time for instance if your desk at work was in range of a Pokestop you could just leave the gotcha to spin the stop every 5 minutes and by the time you leave work you’ll have more than enough eggs Pokeballs potions and revives to last you a while.

This also works great for driving round town collecting Pokestops where there are a lot to grab quick, I tend to turn off the option to catch Pokemon in the app and leave auto-spin on because the device/app will prioritise catching Pokemon over spinning stops so it’s easy to miss stops for the sake of a poxy Pidgey.

Rechargeable battery and Unique charger (not micro USB)

The advantage of a rechargeable battery sets the Go-Tcha apart from the Go Plus but it also means another lead to carry with you as the Go-Tcha’s charge lead is a unique fit. The Battery life is advertised as 8 hours of continuous use and 24 hours on standby with a 1 hour charge time needed.

The Battery life is advertised as 8 hours of continuous use and 24 hours on standby with a 1 hour charge time needed. I’ve gotta say this seems pretty accurate since I’ve been using the device. You could argue that the Go Plus doesn’t need a new battery for weeks or even months sometimes and that 8 hours isn’t very long but in my experience it’s never been a problem as long as you have the charge lead with you, its not hard to find a USB port to charge up if 8 hours of continuous Pokemon Go playing isn’t long enough for you. Plus you can still use it whilst its charging so if you’ve got a portable charger or using it at your desk at work you can charge it on your computer whilst auto-spinning/catching then not only has it been playing for you all day but you’ve got another 8 hours after work to use it.

The wristband and General aesthetic

Part of what turns me off of the Official Pokemon Go Plus is that it looks like a big old Pokeball and for a 25 year old guy walking around with what people think is a Pokeball watch it’s… well it’s just not the look I’m going for. The Go-Tcha is actually based on a fitness tracker available on Amazon and so doesn’t draw any attention at all other than people thinking it’s some kind of watch or Fitbit thing which is fine except the wristband that comes with the Go-Tcha kinda gives the game away. Luckily, however, because the outer case of the Go-Tcha is the same as the “Xiaomi Mi Band 2” it means you can pick up a spare wristband from Amazon in any colour or style you want. I actually ordered the spare plain black band at the same time as the Go-Tcha knowing that I’d never wear the supplied one.

Using the device

The screen shows the animations and menu options using LEDS but isn’t alway that easy to see particularly in bright sunlight, that said once you’ve got the device set up you don’t really need to look at the screen so it’s not really a problem. The single touch sensitive “button” on the screen is used to cycle through the menus and change options. I say button but there’s no feed back and it’s not always obvious if you’ve actually pressed the button, but again if you’re using the auto modes then you rarely have to press the button anyway. Switching the vibrate on makes it easier to know what your pressing but can also be switched off which is a nice feature over the Go Plus as the vibration can get annoying and is quite loud on the Go Plus I thought.

It’s a pretty easy press once to cycle through to the next menu option and hold down to toggle the options kind of system so nothing too difficult there. The menu icons can be a little confusing to start and I have to admit I had to look at the manual the first time but make sense when you read the instructions once.

Full user instructions and menu icon diagrams can be found HERE

Is it worth getting?

Overall I’m very impressed with the Go-Tcha it does everything the official Pokemon Go Plus does and more! It’s completely replaced my Go Plus and I’ve found myself levelling up faster now thanks to the “background play”. There have been no connection issues because as far as the app is concerned it’s a genuine Go Plus. Some people are worried that because it’s not officially from Niantic or Nintendo that it could get you banned but this is very unlikely as there is no way for the game to tell the difference between the two devices. As far as I’m concerned there is no reason to get the Go Plus over the Go-Tcha, They are even priced the same (in the UK anyway, shipping may be more to USA etc)

So if you were about to buy the Go Plus then I’d seriously re consider and try the Go-Tcha instead

If you’ve got any further questions about the Go-Tcha, let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to get back to you!



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