Audi release new performance parts for the TT and R8

As an Audi fan myself, the news that Audi was to release some extra performance customisation options for the TT and R8 got me excited but, I was not prepared for what I saw in the official photos released by Audi recently! Honestly, some of the aero parts available are so hot that if they were on the front page of a magazine they would need to be in a censored bag on the top shelve of the magazine rack in your local newsagents.

Included in the new parts list is four main categories: suspension, exhaust, exterior and interior.

So suspension wise, new coilovers come in 2 or 3-way varieties on both the TT and R8 and drivers can save 8KG with some new 20″ alloys that look the nuts as far as I’m concerned.

Underneath and out the back the exhausts system on offer to the TT is the new Akrapovic setup made from titanium. So that should improve both weight and sound.

Perhaps the most exciting and obvious parts available is the host of extra aero add-ons which include bonnet vents on the TT as well as downforce improving splitters and spoilers for the R8

Other notable mentions in the range of options include alcantara steering wheels and splashes of carbon fibre around the interior. TT RS owners will have the option to remove the speed limiter for a top speed of 174MPH if you’re feeling brave enough (and have an airfield/Autobahn handy)

Now feast your eyes on these photos…


What do you think of these new parts? Which would you like to add to a TT or R8? Let us know in the comments below!



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