12 things to look forward to in 2017

12 things to look forward to in 2017

1. Season 7 of “Game of Thrones”

Aswell as the sixth book in the series from George R.R. Martin titled “The Winds of Winter”

2. Steps forward in the fight against cancer

2017 will see the introduction of new drugs that offer some promising therapies and treatments for cancer that come without many of the side effects associated with chemotherapy

3. Drone delivery!

Google Amazon and Walmart all planning to up their game using drones to deliver all sorts from takeaways to mobile phones.

4. 5G

the fifth-generation of wireless tech could enable HD film downloads in less than 5 seconds, madness!

5. The first human head transplant

Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero plans to carry out the first ever head transplant (or is it a body transplant?) involving over 150 medical staff and a 36 hour operation.

6. Virtual reality

2016 saw the start of the VR breakthrough but 2017 seems likely to see VR become readily available to the masses as some big names release VR kit including Samsung, Google and Microsoft

7. The ‘Baywatch’ Remake

Don’t even pretend you’re not excited about this one, The Rock and The Hoff.

8. 20th Anniversary of the first Harry Potter book

20 years already?! Expect lots of celebratory Potter promotions to fill bookstores around 26th June 2017

9. Phill Collins returns

to play 5 nights at the Royal Albert Hall for his first live performance in 15 years

10. The truth about JFK?

One of the most controversial conspiracy theories around but on October 26 the government documents relating to the Kennedy assassination on 22nd November 1963 will be made public.

11. A royal wedding anniversary

on 20th November the Queen will celebrate her platinum wedding anniversary with the Duke of Edinburgh 70 years since they said “I do” in 1947

12. Star Wars: Episode VIII

with a cast including the late Carrie Fisher, the new Star Wars film should finally reveal Rey’s connection to Luke



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